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Graphic designer. Outdoor enthusiast and photographer

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Graphic designer. Outdoor enthusiast and photographer

I’m a visual artist with a Bachelor of Science in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

After ten years as a landscape photographer, I’m a graphic designer. I’ve also been a carpenter, a painter, and run a small gardening and landscaping business.

I’m a hands-on, inquisitive learner. I’ve collaborated on artwork published in scientific journals, proposals, and marketing.

I’m a defender of righteousness. I’m detail-oriented and hard-working. I seek to save pollinators as an avid outdoors explorer. I look for solutions and fight to include others.

My skill set includes traditional media (drawing, painting murals) and digital media (Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, social media). My focus is clean and simple visual communication. I’m versatile: Scientific research, business cards, logos, icons. Contact me if you’d like to collaborate with a creative designer who can turn the ideas in your head into a professional design.

I’ve lived in three different countries (USA, UK, and Norway) and visited loads more. I currently live in Norway with my husband. We collaborate on science art. Check out his website: Soldrevet Chemistry

Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston is a Norwegian sole proprioetor business (enkeltmannsforetak / ENK). Norwegian organisation number 918360360

I am a member of Grafill, a Norwegian association for visual communicators.